Périer Gina (Lapee)

Hi, my name is Gina, I am 27, half french half italian. I live in Copenhagen where I graduated as an architect and founded Lapee with Alexander. In 2017 and 2018, Alexander and I were working together as architects for Roskilde Festival. We were designing installations and building them in a few days with a team of 10 people. It was an amazing experience where we got to know more about logistics and crowd behavior in festivals. Together, we observed the lack of facilities for womxn to pee, and from the summer 2017 we started thinking about a solution. In 2019, for the first time, 50 Lapee were placed around Roskilde Festival. Today we count more than 20 partners that have Lapee available for rent in 13 different countries!


Lapee, the female urinal, was founded to improve gender equality by giving womxn the right to pee quickly in a secure and clean environment.