Zrní are currently one of the top Czech touring bands. Their music is a fairy tale inspired eclectic mix of folk and ethno with some substantial roots in Czech classical music. Coming from the coal city of Kladno, they often describe themselves as th Kladno Zen Coal Playground. Which speaks for itself.

“We are Zrní.” Says the band. “Tender artbrut. Wood, muscles, water, hammers. We are Zrní, a band from Kladno. We like to play with music, to talk through music, to communicate like you do with your fingers in the air, like people in the streets. We like to get inspired by sounds, animals, comics, computers, the Poldi steelworks. We sing in Czech. About the night city, the homeless, about apple trees in the orchard. About the computer game hero, who goes out to discover the world.”


The band has recorded four albums, the last one will be launched at this year’s Nouvelle Prague. Since they started playing, it is still the same five-piece as in 2001. “I remeber Zrní from roughly ten years ago,” says Nouvelle Prague booker Ondra Kopička. “During the summer, all their friends went out to have fun and they were locked in their practice room and played their music. That was their idea of fun. It was so strong, one just had to have the feeling that this band is going to make it.”

For their last album Soundtrack ke konci světa (Soundtrack For The End Of The World) Zrní got numerous awards, including the Czech version of Grammy – the Anděl award for the best album of 2012. Zrní also closely work with the VerTeDance dancing group, they composed music for their performance named Kolik váží vaše touha? (How Much Does Your Desire Weight?) This performance was awarded the best dancing performance of the year in 2013.