The Visit

The Visit, comprised of Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Heather Sita Black (voice) is a musical dialogue that transcends genres and idioms. The duo’s burgeoning sound is characterized
by long, tumultuous compositions reminiscent of another era, which nonetheless exude an undeniable sense of relevance and urgency.

The Visit’s music juxtaposes both archaic and progressive musical aesthetics into a unique language which falls squarely outside of established musical traditions and genres. It combines the structures and instrumentation of classical chamber music with the intricacy of Middle Eastern and Persian music and the emotional and rhythmic weight of metal. The voice and cello produce an unusually full and rich sound, replete with emotional intensity and virtuosity. The band’s lengthy, through-composed pieces conjure sonic worlds in which listeners can immerse themselves.

The Visit Prague Photo 2

The Visit emerged barely one year ago from the small but vibrant Ottawa music scene; the band quickly integrated itself as a pivotal figure in this artistic community. Now with an acclaimed debut recording and a large repertoire of material, The Visit is poised on reaching larger markets and penetrating more significant cultural centres.