The Visegrad Fund supported project aims to enhance the growth of the music market by bringing 10 professionals plus 2 media representatives from 4 plus one countries together to share informations, pick the best bands to offer, change ideas and pave the way for future businesses.

What does V4Roundabout does:

V4Roundabout is a common effort of 4 locally connected and active music facilitators ( export office, conference, music cluster agency)….

The B2B aspect…

The project has 4 locally connected and active music facilitators as project ambassadors. Each ambassador hand-picks professionals that are eager to expand their activities in the neighboring countries, and involves 2 media partners.

All project partner gets connected prior the event to introduce the delegates to each-other, and to match their business interests According to the results we coordinate networking sessions between the professionals, plus speed meeting sessions

The V4 Roundabout B2B day will take place on the 2nd of November in Prague linked to Nouvelle Prague conference

V4 Roundabout Showcase selection method:

Each national delegation commonly chose 5 artists from their own scene, and choose 1 artists from the offered 5.

The showcase concerts will take place the 3rd of November during Nouvelle Prague Showcase festival, where besides the regional delegates, members of international music agencies, and major promoters of the European music industry are present.

Professional feedbacks:

We ask all involved delegates to review on a short questionnaire all suggested artists to provide professional feedback to even those bands that hasn’t been chosen.

The main project partners are:

Lala Music Agency (Slovakia)

Krakow Music Cluster (Poland)

Mamazone (Hungary)