The original aim of the V4 Roundabout b2b event was to connect professionals from the V4 region as effectively as possible, and to initiate deeper interactions than usual speedmeeting sessions would allow. For practical reasons, we want to make sure all delegates will know exactly who will participate in these meetings prior to the meeting itself. This way, everyone will have all the details about all the professionals joining the event, which allows us to arrange series of longer face-to-face meetings.

However, after we started working on the project, it turned out that all delegates are rather busy, so we had to modify the original concept a bit. We sincerely hope that the new structure will be more effective in introducing the delegates during the meeting session.


Let’s start with an imaginary game, where the aim is to build strategies of growth. After the event we will see what we can make out of it. But it will definitively serve as an fantastic tool for introduction.

The structure:

With our project coordinator colleagues (HU,SK,PL,CZ) we had the idea to make 3 roundtables/work stations. Each roundtable will have different topics, and each delegate will need to spend 80 minutes at each roundtable. These roundtables are neither workshops, nor mentoring sessions, but rather facilitated discussions. The idea would is to create something, to put our minds together to help the growth of our region/scene etc.
We also aim to mix the delegates in every groups to make sure all delegates have the possibility to meet as many colleagues as possible. Just follow the order of the roundtables we give out prior the event.

The Groups

Table A: Marketing And Media. How can we create an effective cross-communication system, that doesn’t require any money? A simply structured minimum input communication system that can collect our information and create a visible network. Is that even possible?… Are there any sources available for that? Table A answers…/ Media content exchange…how can we create a systematic promotional strategy in which we can circulate songs within countries. (Table Moderator: Georges Perot – MESO Events Greece, head of European Music Day Greece)

Table B: Clubs, Festivals, Touring Networks. The topic that most of us are focused on from the beginning: Take a map and go about building a tour by adding cities, checking availability, and financial possibilities. Get a touring partner and boost the effect… (Table Moderator: Zsolt Jeges – MamaZone management)

Table C: Development Strategies (Or The What-If Table). What if we put the results of tables A and B together, and try to create a pathway for young bands with a little help of our participants? These include: band-management, club-media-contests-showcase, event-club tour-festival, tour-media-labels….We are also looking at the possible financing of an optional cooperative project plan. Can we simply use our minds and inputs to create a pilot project strategy for an imaginary artists? Let’s see… (Table Moderator: Dijana Lakus – Paf, Márton Náray – Czech Music Office, Nouvelle Prague)

We believe this meeting day will be a perfect tool to introduce the region’s professionals to one other, and that these newly established partnerships will help to grow our businesses in the future.

Aside from the program, we have organized following events

(also to be found at

1. A panel during Nouvelle Prague conference

(Address: Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o. Nádražní 84, 150 54 Prague 5 – Smíchov)

Discover The Regional Market

November 3rd at 10:20AM at Paspův sál
With our Austrian, Slovakian, Polish and Hungarian colleagues, we will discuss the similarities and differences of our respective music industry landscapes, identifying common features and accessibility for neighbouring artists. (Please note there will be additional speedmeeting sessions with Austrian, and V4 professionals to help get you connected.)

Alexander Čerevka – LaLa Agency Slovakia
Zsolt Jeges – Mamazone Hungary
Tomek Waśko – Go Ahead/ Spring Break conference
Thomas Heher – Waves Vienna
Hosted by Márton Náray – Sound Czech

2. Speed -meeting sessions with V4 professionals:

MEET the V4 music professionals 1

November 3rd, 3:00PM at Návštěvnické centrum
(address: Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o. Nádražní 84, 150 54 Prague 5 – Smíchov)

Meet people like: Tomek Waśko (promoter, Go Ahead and Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference), Przemysław Gulda (leading music journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza), Artur Tylmanowski and Anna Cygankiewicz (Cieszanów Rock Festival, booker and marketing specialist), Bernard Ejgier (owner of Meskalina venue in Poznan), Cyprian Łakomy (journalist and vocalist in the metal band called In Twilight’s Embrace), Robert Chmielewski (Firlej club manager in Wrocław), Marta Górska (Progresja club in Warsaw), Weronika Oszkiewicz (Niebo club in Warsaw)… and many others

MEET the V4 music professionals 2

November 4th, 1:30PM at Návštěvnické centrum
(address: Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o. Nádražní 84, 150 54 Prague 5 – Smíchov)

Meet people like: Daniel Somló (Budapest Showcase Hub), Petra Kirschner (Pécsi Est Café venue), Dénes Pécsi-Szabó (UP Management), Péter Szántai (Akvárium Klub program director), Ricky Černaj (go2stage), Ľubica Zajacová (World Music of Slovakia), Michal Očova (ProMusic), Viera Ráczová (Radio FM) … and many others


Café V Lese
Krymská 12, 101 00 Praha 10


Take tram No. 7 from the stop that’s closest to the hotel. It will take you to Krymská street where Cafe V Lese is located.
Once you get out at Krymská station, please follow the map here:


10:30 – 11:00 gathering
11:00 – Short introduction and program concept by Márton Náray
11:20 – 12:40 Roundtable – session 1
12:40 – 13:40 lunch break (Lunch at Café V Lese)
13:40 – 15:00 Roundtable – session 2
15:00 – 15:10 coffee break
15:10 – 16:30 Roundtable – session 3
16:45 – 17:00 Summary of the meeting