Nouvelle Prague has firmly established itself as a fixed autumn meeting point in our diaries and we are glad to see how it’s been shaping, forming and growing over the years. One thing is for sure – the original idea of keeping it a familiar boutique type of event remained the same, and we are thrilled to see the many friends and colleagues starting their November with a friendly round in our foggy town.

We see the event as an intersection between music genres, professional topics, education, networking, and fun. It feels somehow that although people in the music industry live from events, creation, community engagements etc, we still don’t focus on really getting to know each other, or slowing down and be surprised by new sounds, information, stories. This is why smaller events are so crucial: to bring all the noise down to a human, personal level, where agent of a major international agency or a festival promoter can exchange few words with a starting musician without further ado in a bar while waiting for a beer before the listening session.

The topics listed in the programme are based on our wishlist from last year and as usual – although we would love to – we can’t be everywhere at once. The programming of the conference as well as the showcase was done with our utmost care and with the eagerness to learn and grow.

This year at Nouvelle Prague we also welcome a bigger Polish delegation, and as a highlight we have over a dozen showcase festival programmers attending – so we took this as an opportunity to organize several speedmeeting events with such unique partners.

The SoundCzech dramaturgical board have selected the showcasing Czech bands from the pool of bands who applied during this summer as well as the performing Slovakian artists. In addition to showcasing the best local talents, many other great bands will amaze us and although we stay small we’ve made a baby step by raising the number of concerts.

Friendly regards

Márton Náray