Panels and Sessions 2018


09:00 Registration opens at Staropramen Brewery – Nádražní 43/84, Prague 5 – Smíchov

November 2nd at Paspův sál

10:00 at Paspův sál

Opening words by Karel Barták (EACEA)

10:15 at Paspův sál

Hocus–Focus: Scopes on the Czech and Slovak focus at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019

Announcement of the showcasing bands at ESNS by Robert Meijerink (ESNS head of booking)

By now, it’s no news that the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be the focus countries of Europe’s most significant showcase festival….but: What does a country focus mean? What does it bring to the countries? How should the scene be prepared for that?

  • Gordon Masson – IQ Magazin, ILMC – moderator


  • Ruud Berends – ESNS head of conference, IFF.
  • Peter Åstedt – Live at Heart showcase Örebro Sweden
  • Michal Kaščák – Pohoda Festival
  • Franz Hergovich – Austrian Music Export office
  • Márton Náray – SoundCzech / Nouvelle Prague

11:20 – Coffee break

11:30 at Paspův sál

Music Needs Women!!! Women in music industry

Let’s look at the inequality at the music scene from different viewpoints. What can be done? Can a simple quota system boost a transition to a more equal future? Where shall we start, and how does it vary in different countries? We will attempt the unbelievable – to scratch the surface of this crucial topic in one hour.

  • Monika Klementová – SoundCzech – moderator


  • Dijana Lakuš – PAF
  • Ineke Daans – [PIAS] Live Strategy manager & Head of [PIAS] NITES
  • Mirca Lotz – Keychange
  • Laura Strzałkowska – Warsaw Music Week

12:30—13:30 “Pudding time Children” lunchbreak

13:30 at Paspův sál

What does it take to succeed?

What are the reasons a producer, promoter, journalist, or A/R label would start working with a music artist? We examine this question from different viewpoints.
The discussion will also touch one of the most important topics …. are we dumbing down the nation or what is the balance between pleasing public taste versus originality with a proper background work.

  • Anna Mašatová – SoundCzech, FullMoon Magazine – moderator


  • Tony Duckworth – [PIAS] Poland and Eastern Europe
  • Robert Meijerink – ESNS head of booking
  • David Manders – Liquid management
  • Ineke Daans – [PIAS] Live Strategy manager & Head of [PIAS] NITES
  • Login Kochishki – Password Productions

14:30 at Paspův sál

Sane on the scene

Music sector, as many other sectors, has plenty of obstacles. One of the most crucial ones is how to balance a healthy life with extremely different dynamics. We asked the GO group, and our colleague from Password production to scratch the surface of this socially important topic, to start a longer process for a healthier, more balanced music scene.

Márton Náray – SoundCzech / Nouvelle Prague – moderator


  • Dana Urbanová – psychologist
  • Holger Jan Schmidt – GO Group
  • Lina Ugrinovska – Password Productions, Taksirat Festival

15:20 – Coffee break

15:30 at Paspův sál

Keynote interview with Martin Elbourne

Moderator: Dijana Lakuš – PAF

16:00 at Paspův sál

Festival and/in the City

What is the money that festivals bring to cities through different sources of income, and how does tourism and all the industry share and recycle this profit. Is there a sustainable way to regenerate the income through cultural support systems, or at least tax cuts for cultural investors? Can we recreate, and shape society with events that carry a message? How does an event message refer or clashes with political agendas and finally how can it all be linked to an art concept – the first thing when engaging attendees.

  • Georges Perot – European Music Day association – Greece, European Live Music Association – moderator


  • Simon Gaudry – Envol et Macadam Festival – Quebec
  • Mirca Lotz – fwd: make waves Münich
  • Marek Vohralik – FESTAS, Let It Roll Festival
  • Lena Ingwersen – Music Cities Network

17:00 – curfew

November 2nd at Trnkův sál

10:30 at Trnkův sál

Let’s seal a Sync deal:
step by step presentation, and interactive mentoring session by Simon Pursehouse (Sentric Music).

Finally the time has arrived to get hands on presentation on how can you get your songs in sync libraries, and what are the many ways you can benefit from that.

11:45 at Trnkův sál

Introduction of FESTAS’s 1st year

Another one year old organization on the Czech scene is FESTAS (Czech Festival Association). We’ve asked them to speak about what the scene looks like and which are the next steps the joined force network is aiming for.

With: Marek Vohralík – FESTAS, Let it Roll Festival

12:00 at Trnkův sál


This year cashless-ness became a common topic in the Czech media. We’ve asked Intellitix, and Let it Roll festival to share their experiences, and open the table for questions and comments.

  • Serge Grimaux – Intellitix
  • Zdenek Souček “Suki” – Let It Roll Festival

14:15 at Trnkův sál

Introduction of the Czech Music Managers Forum

With: Petr Blažek – Chairman of CzMMF , 420 Productions

14:30 at Trnkův sál

Understanding the legal labyrinth of authors and performers laws.
Workshop with Jakub Novy (SAI)

15:20 – Coffee break

15:30 at Trnkův sál

From stage-fright to spotlight
– presentation, and interactive mentoring session by Peter Åstedt (head of Live at Heart showcase Örebro Sweden)

Workshops for bands, and impressarios, on how to prepare for a showcase from a specialist who mentors Swedish bands on how to succeed at Showcase events.

With: Peter Åstedt – Live at Heart showcase Sweden

16:30 at Trnkův sál

Introduction of the Polish music scene

With: Laura Strzałkowska – Warsaw Music Week
Michal Hajduk – IAM – Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland

November 2nd at Phenomen

15:30 at Phenomen

Meet the Polish delegation

November 3rd at Paspův sál

11:00 at Paspův sál

How NOT to die of hunger in music industry

We often tend to forget the many possible sources we can rely on when we are stucked in our vicious daily circles. This panel aims to open the door on the various ways to make the most of  your creations, be it a song, an event, or an idea.

  • Dan Fintescu – moderator


  • Mark Meharry – Music Glue
  • Danny Fehay – Third Pound Gentleman
  • Aleix Ramon – Nomad Home Studio
  • Simon Pursehouse – Sentric Records

12:00 – Coffee break

12:10 at Paspův sál

What does the future hold?

This panel is meant for our wildest imagination to fly – how will we perceive reality, consume, pay, earn, create 10, 15, 20 years from now. How will we access concerts, listen to music, follow the value of our creativity. We’ve asked people who digged deep in the topic.

Márton Náray – SoundCzech / Nouvelle Prague – moderator


  • Serge Grimaux – Intellitix
  • Jeff Bacon – Blockpool, tracklib

13:00 at Paspův sál

Take a Stand keynote

Speaker: Holger Jan Schmidt – YOUROPE, The European Festival Association

13:15—14:10 “Pudding time Children” lunchbreak

14:10 at Paspův sál

Label turmoil aka … how Streaming has won in the West…

What are the issues labels have to face these days? How streaming affects musicians and the label industry? Whose playlists can be seen? How to effectively promote albums… is there any sense of the term “album” whatsoever…. And finally the turbulence from the anarchy homestudio and the well organized major studios.

  • András Bodrogi – YouTube expert – moderator


  • Tony Duckworth – [PIAS] Poland and Eastern Europe
  • Nuno Saraiva – AMEI ( Independent music trade association portugal), Westway Lab Conference
  • Martin Nedvěd – Platforma ( Czech independent label’s association)
  • Didier Gosset – IMPALA (European association of independent labels)

15:00 – curfew

November 3rd at Trnkův sál

11:15 at Trnkův sál

Our Green Heart …

Even though there’s migrant crises, Brexit seems to be the loudest topic in Europe and not too much happens on the green front. We want to continue to share practicalities from the Green Operations group, Pohoda Festival, and we aim to introduce new green practicalities for venues and promoters. Watch Out!

  • Holger Jan Schmidt – GO Group
  • Michal Kasčák – Pohoda Festival

12:10 at Trnkův sál


A discussion that is a must for all bands and musicians interested in growing while keeping their original dreams to come true …. The reason that bands like Puscifer, Dub Trio, Bleak, Raketkanon, etc. could grow into internationally known artists is simple: the perfectly crafted strategy that combined well selected gigs, visuals, communication channels….

We’ve asked professionals, and bands to elaborate on this topic from their point of view.

  • Zsolt Jeges – moderator
  • Václav Havelka – Please The Trees
  • David Manders – Liquid Management

14:10 at Trnkův sál

 Compose the picture/Imagine the sound…

workshop with the rising star of Faroe Islands FRUM on how she combines visuals, music, and multimedia language.

15:00 at Trnkův sál

How to present yourself:
workshop for bands with Márk Bóna

How to write a CV band bio that it’s catchy… and how not to under no circumstances.

November 3rd at Phenomen

11:00 at Phenomen

Meet the Showcase festivals

This year Nouvelle Prague is visited by over 10 showcase festivals from different corners of Europe. It’s time to get in touch with the people behind those events that could boost an artist’s career.

Our guests are: PIN Conference (MK), Westway Lab (Pt), Live at Heart (SE), Sharpe (SK), Music Match (D), What’s Next in Music (LT), Mastering the Music Business (RO), Volume (GR), Tak Brzmi Miasto (PL), Crossroads (CZ), BUSH (HU), Nouvelle Prague (CZ), Waves Vienna (AT), Reeperbahn (DE).

12 20 at Phenomen

MEET The Polish Professionals

Speedmeeting at Nouvelle Prague – POLAND DELEGATES

With: Grzegorz Stabeusz – Pro-dAction Agency
Hubert Kozera – Songwriter Łódź Festival
Paweł Hordejuk – MOKRE BUTY artistic agency, artist management
Piotr Wiśniewski – Music promoter, manager of Polish artists (The Fruitcakes, Peter J. Birch) Producer of the international music project BalconyTV
Szymon Kozłowski – Music promoter from Poland. Producer of the international music project BalconyTV
Dagmara Gregorowicz – Represents Polish-Ukrainian band DAGADANA
Michał Zioło – Good Music Productions agency and New Music Art agency, music journalist and promoter
Monika Klonowska – head promoter and co-founder of Good Music Production
Maciej Madejski – booking agent, radio DJ, journalist Radio host in Poland-based “Afera” owner of SIDEWAYS booking and promotion agency
Jacek Budny – band manager, publisher and also ran a venue as a head of booking (BASEN/Warsaw)
Michał Wójcik – Cracow Music Scene foundation

15:45 at Phenomen

Le Grand Listenin’ Session

It has become an annual tradition at Nouvelle Prague to close the conference with a listening session in which agents, bookers, promoters are speaking about the bands who applied for being evaluated publicly by professionals.

  • Lisa Wright – DIY Magazin – moderator


  • Liam Spencer – Artery Global
  • Jone Malmin – Solar Penguin Agency
  • Paul Elsasser – Lime Records
  • Koen ter Heegde – Yugofuturism
  • Dana Benjamins – Reeperbahn Festival