Panels and sessions of Nouvelle Prague 2016

The 4th edition of the Nouvelle Prague music conference and showcase festival focuses on the CEE region, and brings together the leading minds in the European and International music industry to discuss and promote its development through entrepreneurship, professional networks, and vocational education and training.

The program consists of panel discussions / presentations, in-depth coaching sessions, and one-on-one speed meetings with music industry professionals.

Nouvelle Prague 2016 is by professionals for professionals, and a wider audience of anyone who cares about the future of live music.

See you there!

Paspův Sal – November 4th, 10:00

Opening keynote speech by Mr Karel Barták (Head of Culture Programme Unit DG Education and Culture, European Union)

Panel 1: Networking is a must! The need of a common European networking strategy

Paspův Sal – November 4th, 10:20

In a world that is becoming more and more interconnected, networks are not just an optional tool but a critical necessity. The real value of a music industry professional lies in personal connections; connections that leverage industry-wide experience, that fast track best-practise, and enable cost reduction and extended audiences through partnerships and co-promotion. Alliances based on synergies are win-win for all, and the European Live Music Network is an EU initiative to build the ultimate resource to nurture, grow and sustain live music throughout all member states.

This discussion is an absolute must for anyone who cares about the future of the European music industry, and will include expert opinion on the size and diversity of the European live music scene;the need for a common European networking strategy; existing networks and the need to regenerate local ones; how to link the various networks to maximise synergies; examples of networks in action such as in developing the music markets from the Balkans to Baltic’s, and how the EU can effectively support local development?


  • Vincenzo Spera (I) President  of Assomusica, Italy / Co-founder and President of ELM Network, Bruxelles
  • Prof Jens Michow (D) President of bdv -Federal German Association for the Promoters and Event Business
  • Matjaž Manček (SI) Kino Siska, MENT Showcase -Conference- Ljubljana
  • Dijana Lakuš  (HR)  PAF!, Music Glue
  • Márton Náray (HU/CZ)  Nouvelle Prague, Czech Music Office -pilot project-


  • Georges Perot (GR)  Secretary General of the European Music Day Association, Belgium / Founder and Managing Director of NPO MESO Events,

Panel 2: Going Green to save your money

Paspův Sal – November 4th, 12:00

More and more event organisers are choosing to go green not simply out of personal altruism and eco-friendliness, but because green initiatives actually work and make a tangible contribute to the bottom line.

Our panel will discuss the multitude of benefits that are inspiring dozens of clubs, venues and festivals to go green. Discover the facts behind the European Green initiative and practical solutions that will reduce your event budget.


  • Martha Bissmann (A)  EE Music
  • Linnea A. Svennson (NO)  Greener Events, former Oya Festival
  • Marina Petrovič (HR)  Sustainable Energy Youth Network
  • Jackie Slade (UK) Glastonbury Festival, site design and LayOut


  • Holger Jan Schmidt (D) GreenEvents Europe & Sounds for Nature

Panel 3: Digitalize Yourself! – Capitalize on Music related businesses on the digital field

Paspův Sal – November 4th, 14:00

Seven letters that form a labyrinth through which the path is anything but clear. Going digital and getting connected promises a wealth of benefits for those who know how to develop and exploit the opportunities, but how can producers, promoters, artists and publishers make the right turns? Don’t panic, our panel will show you the way.


  • Olya Moldavskaya (LT) – The Orchard
  • Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (UK)  International Music Managers Forum
  • Adam Taylor (UK) – Mothership Group
  • Ludek Motycka (CZ) – Google Eastern Europe, Head of strategy and operations
  • Matias Llort Lorenz ( UK- ES) – Strategic Partner Manager EMEA – Music at Youtube


  • András Bodrogi (HU) –Google ground, digital music market expert

Panel 4: The future of the Export-office! Shall we follow the footsteps or write a new chapter?

Trnkuv Sal – November 4th, 15:30

The concept of government-funded export offices to promote artists to an international audience has changed dramatically over the years. Whilst the music export institutions in Western Europe are in the process of restructuring, the CEE region is just starting to take the first steps in supporting music exports and artist exchange. Do we follow in the footsteps of others, or blaze our own trail?

This discussion will explore export activities from different objectives.


  • Michal Hajduk (PL) – IAM- Don’t Panic We’re from Poland
  • Zsolt Jeges (HU) – MamaZone Agency
  • Michal Brenner (CZ) – MeetFactory, Shape platform…
  • Ruud Berends (NL) Eurosonic Noorderslag, Buma Cultuur
  • Julia Palmu (FIN) ADAL Music
  • Tatjana Domany (A)  Austrian Music Funds


  • Monika Klementová (CZ) – Czech Music Office -pilot project- coordinator

Panel 5: All Ears (interactive listening session)

Navstevnicke Centrum – November 4th, 15:30

Time for something a little bit different… We’ve selected around a dozen songs plus a few video clips to find out how professional evaluators such as promoters, agents and publishers listen to demo tapes etc. Our panel will listen to the offerings and then give real-time feedback on the potential sounds of tomorrow. How do they decide on a hit or a miss? … This is your chance to discover how these make or break decisions are made.

Active listeners:

  • Login Kochishki (MK) – Password Production
  • Marie Čtveráčková (CZ) – Radio Wave
  • Dániel Somló (HU) – EASTASTE / Budapest Showcase Hub
  • Shaun Faulkner (UK) – X-ray Touring
  • Steve Zapp (UK) – International Talent Booking


  • Michal Kasčak (SK) – Festival Pohoda

Panel 6: New Ways of event finance

Paspův Sal – November 5th, 10:20

The new ways of financing projects, events, venues is one of the hottest topics amongst entrepreneurs. As the classical sponsorship, and support mechanisms are changing, it is more crucial to initiate unique ways to engage partners. We try to discover the topic, who are our partners, and which strategies seems to be the most efficient for financing projects.


  • Marina Petrovič (HR) – Crowdfunding Academy
  • Linnéa E. Svennson (NO) – Greener Events, author of the Sponsorship handbook for music festivals
  • Katarina Deskovič (SI) KAPA Foundation, Gala-Hala Club
  • Tomas Ždenek (CZ) Cross Club


  • Anna Mašátová (CZ) – Full Moon magazin

Panel 7: Events organizer FAQ

Paspův Sal – November 5th, 12:00

The challenges facing promoters to put the show on the road are continually changing, not only due to the ever increasing choice for music consumers, but also to the evolution of the regulatory environment. With the help of our panellists we intend to map out the ‘soft’ event infrastructure issues that make the difference between success and failure, including ticketing, insurance, security and cashless payment solutions. If you are involved in organising an event then this is for you.


  • Fruzsina Szép (HU-D) Lollapalooza Berlin, Festival Director
  • Serge Grimaux (CAN)  Intellitix
  • David Urban (CZ) D Smack U promotion
  • Tomas Prasek (CZ) – Eventival
  • Jakub Póbiš (CZ) Česká Podnikatelská Pojištovná A.S.


  • Zdeněk Souček (CZ)– Let it Roll festival (CZ)

Panel 8: Brand Yourself

Paspův Sal – November 5th, 14:00

In a world where brand identity is the number one consumer influencer, how does the music industry stack up? How do bands and festivals approach building their brand identities? We’ve invited the creative experts behind several festivals and music projects to share their thoughts.


  • Dávid Ráday (HU) – Sziget management, Creative director
  • Georges Perot (GR) – National Coordinator of European Music Day Hellenic Network – Co-founder and Secretary General of European Live Music Network, Bruxelles
  • Dalibor Martinčevič (HR) (PaF!)
  • Martin Jenča (SK) MILK Design Directors


  • Gordon Masson (UK)– IQ Magazine

Panel 9: Can Guitar Save Democracy?

Paspův Sal – November 5th, 15:30

The line between music and politics is getting ever thinner, if indeed there ever was one. This discussion debates the pro’s and con’s of musicians becoming involved in politics, and politicians becoming involved in music. Can we as music professionals catalyse change, is music being used to manipulate the masses, and what can a musician gain from political engagement?


  • David Koller (CZ) Lucie
  • Login Kochishki (MK) – Password Production
  • Pavel Turek (CZ) Respekt Magazin
  • Allan McGowan (UK) – IQ Magazine, ILMC


  • Michal Kasčak (SK)  Pohoda Festival

Panel 10: “We don’t need no education” – The situation of music industry education (VET) in the region

Trnkuv Sal – November 5th, 16:00

A vibrant music scene is one thing, but a viable music industry is an altogether different beast. Getting ‘three chords and the truth’ out of the rehearsal room and into enormodomes requires a different skill set than pure musicianship.

How many great young bands have we all heard whom then failed to make it to the big time? Without access to industry educated professionals, the big time will remain only a dream for most, but where is the next generation of talent spotters, A&R guys, promoters and managers going to come from? We have asked some of our colleagues and the experts to join us to discuss music industry vocational training, to look at the situation around the CEE region, and to highlight the benefits of industry focussed education.


  • Michal Wojcik (PL) – Cracow University, Cracow music cluster
  • Virgo Sillamaa (EE) – Music Estonia
  • György Réz (HU) – Almost Famous Rock School – Budapest
  • Jaroslav Rauser (CZ)  Institute of Modern Music – Prague


  • Márton Náray (HU/CZ) Nouvelle Prague, Czech Music Office

Mentoring sessions:  

  1. The quest of a booking agent


    Trnkuv Sal – November 4th, 12:00

    Instead of the just accepting the status quo, or listening to the conspiracy theories of why CEE artists are not being represented by international agencies, we have decided to ask the agents directly. The music industry is global, why aren’t we?


    Shaun Faulkner (UK) – X-ray Touring

    Steve Zapp (UK) – International Talent Booking
    Sean Goulding (UK) – United Talent Agency


  2. …the view from the backstage…


    Navstevnicke Centrum – November 5th, 10:30

    This promises to be a real eye-opener, an interactive discussion with Dijana Lakus, Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (International Music Managers Forum), and Daniel Šubrt lifting the curtain on the fact and fiction of artist management.

    Is it really Spinal Tap complete with a cricket bat, or do you need the skills of a Harvard Business School graduate? Discover the truth, the challenges and the opportunities facing business managers in the years ahead.


  3. Going green to save your money – session by Martha Bissmann

    Navstevnicke Centrum – November 4th, 14:00

    As a continuity of our green panel we put up this mentoring session that can give ideas and best practices what to actually do in order to save money on the consumption…. and being a “conscious event” doesn’t hurt either…

  4. Clever Ticketing ( in Czech Language) with Tiketbox

    Navstevnicke Centrum – November 5th, 12:00

    In Tiketbox, we believe that you as a promoter can be fully in control of the sale and distribution of tickets and that you don’t need to use expensive services of ticketing companies to do that. That’s why we offer innovative solution that completely changes the game in online ticketing. Contrary to current standards, Tiketbox is not a paid service but a software product that you can run and control any way that suits you. Tiketbox is so simple to use that once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to get in touch with us again, unless you wish so yourselves.

    Jiři Blafka – Tiketbox

  5. Clever Ticketing 2.0 ( in Czech Language) with GOOUT

    Trnkuv Sal- November 5th, 16:00

    Mentoring session on how to combine social platforms, ticketing service and promotion.

    Lukáš Jandač – GOOUT
  6. YouTube for dummies – session by András Bodrogi (Google Ground) YouTube tutor, digital music market expert.

    Navstevnicke Centrum – November 5th, 12:00

    The time has come to admit that although You Tube has become a daily staple in our consumption of digital media, very few of us have any idea of how to use it as an effective marketing tool. One hour of coaching won’t be enough to turn you into a You Tube guru, but it will certainly help you on your way. Learn how to use the platform, how to promote your content, and how to set about earning a return on your creativity. This is a must participate for anyone interested in music promotion.

Meet and Greet (speed meeting session)

Navstevnicke Centrum – November 5th, 16:00

A bit like speed dating but without the embarrassment factor. It’s a great way to meet fellow music professionals, to shoot the breeze for 5 minutes one-on-one, and hopefully find some common ground for future cooperation. What better way to start building your own network than over a few beers and to the sound of the gong.

Please come back to our site for more information, and how to apply to this limited section…

Steve Zapp (ITB), Fruzsina Szép (Lollapalooza), Tomáš Prášek (Eventival), Martha Bissmann (E E Music), Zsolt Jeges (MamaZone), Dijana Lakus (Paf!), George Perot (MeSO),Wojtek Górny (TBA Music)