Panels and Sessions 2017

I. Panels

Keynote speech

November 3rd, 10:00AM at Paspův sál

Fruzsina Szép – Lollapalooza Berlin

Discover The Regional Market

November 3rd at 10:20AM at Paspův sál

With our Austrian, Slovakian, Polish and Hungarian colleagues, we will discuss the similarities and differences of our respective music industry landscapes, identifying common features and accessibility for neighbouring artists. (Please note there will be additional speedmeeting sessions with Austrian, and V4 professionals to help get you connected.)


Alexander Čerevka – LaLa Agency Slovakia
Zsolt Jeges – Mamazone Hungary
Tomek Waśko – Go Ahead
Thomas Heher – Waves Vienna
Hosted by Márton Náray – Sound Czech

Is there any more juice in the lemon?

November 3rd at 11:40AM at Paspův sál

This discussion is intended to explore the not so obvious ways that music related businesses and participants can harness new revenue streams. Our guest speakers are amongst the best in the industry and will introduce you to merchandising, ticketing, syncing, streaming, gaming and digital distribution.


Serge Grimaux – Intellitix
Charlotte Spillerova – Believe Digital
Georges Perot – MESO Music Events
Mark Meharry – Music Glue
Hosted by András Bodrogi – New Media Expert

FESTAS – New festival association in Czech Republic – an introduction

November 3rd at 12:30AM at Trnkův sál

The Master’s Tricks

November 3rd, 1:40PM at Paspův sál

The panel will discuss two main topics, the economic and social impacts of festivals are one of the more relevant topics these years in Europe. For several years now, many festivals and events have applied significant thought to their non-music programming. To help you discover the possibilities of side-events, and how to build communities around them, we have invited some of the most active event organizers to pass on their experiences. Tips, ideas and practical advice a plenty on how to enhance your event program.


Rebecca Ayres – Liverpool Sound City, Zandari Fest
Mikołaj Ziòłkowski – Open’er Festival
Ivan Milivojev- EXIT Festival
Zdeněk Souček- Let it Roll Festival
Paul Reed – Association of Independent Festivals
Hosted by Gordon Masson – IQ Magazine / ILMC

Russia in a nutshell

November 3rd, 2:40 – 2:55PM at Paspův sál

Stepan Kazaryan (Moscow Music Week) talks about the basics of Russian Music scene.

Take a Stand

November 3rd, 3:00PM at Paspův sál

As a partner of the YOUROPE (The European Festival Association) Take a Stand program, we will discuss the social and moral responsibilities and opportunities of major events. The panel will also discuss the inherent social impact of music events, and the steps that we, as music entrepreneurs, can take to promote and enable positive change against racism, xenophobia, corruption, and authoritarian institutions and politicians.


Christof Huber – Open Air St. Gallen, YOUROPE
Michal Kasčák – Pohoda Festival
Dijana Lakus
Lena Shulga – ArtJazz festival
Hosted by Holger Jan Schmidt – YOUROPE / GO Group


November 3rd, 4:45PM at Futurum Music Bar

Join us for snacks and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know the Austrian delegation!

Anti-panel (morning stories for 100 lifetimes)

November 4th, 10:00AM at Paspův sál

An unusual wake up call for the conference public. Forget every expectations of a panel. This hour of interactive discussion will tackle the tail of the future of music industry. Visions, ideas and stories by our most entertaining Nouvelle Prague speaker allstars in an unusual set up.


Serge Grimaux – Intellitix
Fruzsina Szép – Lollapalooza Berlin
Michal Kasčák – Pohoda Festival
Ruud Berends – Eurosonic Noorderslag / IFF

Tactics for Evolution

November 4th, 11:20AM at Paspův sál

Forget the UK and focus on tangible steps to grow and evolve your band towards hitting other international stages. Our panel of showcase directors and international agents will give their thoughts and ideas on when is a band ready, what are the obstacles, where will the next hottest acts emerge from, and what will they need to have to succeed.


Ralph H. Cristoph – C/O Pop Conference- showcase
Christian Holl Buhl- Factory 92
Login Kochiski – Password Production
Petr Blažek- DaSka Records
Mark Bennett – United Talent Agency
Hosted by Allan McGowan – VIP Magazine

Le Grand Listening Session

November 4th, 1:30PM at Paspův sál

Time for something a little bit different… We’ve selected around a dozen songs plus a few video clips to find out how professional evaluators such as promoters, agents and publishers listen to demo tapes etc. Our panel will listen to the offerings and then give real-time feedback on the potential sounds of tomorrow. How do they decide on a hit or a miss? … This is your chance to discover how these make or break decisions are made…


Simone Manchisi – Bass Culture Booking
Marcin Bakiewicz – Anti Radio
Mark Bennett – United Talent Agency
Steve Zapp – ITB
Hosted by Przemysław Gulda – Gazeta Wyborcza


Speed meetings are 5 minutes short meetings with selected professionals where you can find out in that short time if you have anything to cooperate in the future or you just met a new friendly face from the music industry flock. We are selecting well known professionals from V4 countries, and Austria, so if you are interested in joining the speed-meeting session, please sign up on our google form linked bellow.

MEET the V4 music professionals

November 3rd, 3:00PM at Návštěvnické centrum

Meet people like: Tomek Waśko (promoter, Go Ahead and Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference), Przemysław Gulda (leading music journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza), Artur Tylmanowski and Anna Cygankiewicz (Cieszanów Rock Festival, booker and marketing specialist), Bernard Ejgier (owner of Meskalina venue in Poznan), Cyprian Łakomy (journalist and vocalist in the metal band called In Twilight’s Embrace), Robert Chmielewski (Firlej club manager in Wrocław), Marta Górska (Progresja club in Warsaw), Weronika Oszkiewicz (Niebo club in Warsaw)… and many others

November 4th, 1:30PM at Návštěvnické centrum

Meet people like: Daniel Somló (Budapest Showcase Hub), Petra Kirschner (Pécsi Est Café venue), Dénes Pécsi-Szabó (UP Management), Péter Szántai (Akvárium Klub program director), Ricky Černaj (go2stage), Ľubica Zajacová (World Music of Slovakia), Michal Očova (ProMusic), Viera Ráczová (Radio FM) … and many others

MEET the Austrian music professionals

Nov 3rd – 1:40PM at Návštěvnické centrum

Meet people like: Bernadette Karner (Rhythm & Clues 77 Management), Jeroen Siebens (Radioplugging, Management), Valentin Geiseder (Spoon Agency Booking, Event promoter), Jessica Ölz (Ink Music Booking, Event promoter), Kate Haider (Waves Festival Festival), Tatjana Domany (Austrian Music Export Export, Funding Organisation)… and many others


Who are your online customers? Discover your perfect online target group

November 3rd, Trnkův sál at 10:20AM

Explore your online audience with new data tool by Tootoot.FM. Identify your core target group of customers for your ticket sales, merch and marketing activities. What / who else do they like? Get these exciting audience insights in 3 easy steps. Case study from summer Czech & Slovak festivals 2017.

Daniela Grečnerova –

Green Monster

November 3rd, Návštěvnické centrum at 11:40AM

Our workshop for event, club and festival organisers on the practicalities of going green with economic benefits.

Holger Jan Schmidt – YOUROPE / GO Group
Claire O’Neill – A Greener Festival


November 3rd, Trnkův sál at 1:40PM

Everything you wanted to know about synch digital releases but you were afraid to ask.

Charlotte Spillerova – Believe Digital
Dartsya Tarkovska – Soundbuzz Ukraine


November 3rd, Trnkův sál at 3:00PM

An introduction to cashless solutions, from the small to the big… with the answers of the frequetly asked questions ( will I lose money on that?.. will my public appreciate it? isn’t it a bit to big of a hustle?), and recent experiences.

Serge Grimaux – Intellitix
Zdeněk Souček – Let It Roll

Using Imagery to Write Better Lyrics…

November 4th, Trnkův sál at 10:00AM

Effective help from a professional lyricist to help you improve your English lyric writing skills. Kate works with many artists to write them lyrics and to also help improving lyricist skills. This workshop is to help all musicians whom struggling finding the right words for their songs.

Kate Northrop- lyricist

Your Case

November 4th, Návštěvnické centrum at 10:00AM

It’s the second year that we cooperate with the International Music Managers Forum, to give some good ideas and approaches. This time we will focus on the practicalities and legal issues for all managers, but of course as it’s always more like a discussion you can pop in any questions you would need

Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt – IMMF
Dijana Lakus – Musci Glue


November 4th, Trnkův sál at 11:20AM

Engaging Fans and Growing Your Channel on YouTube. Best practice of content development and video strategy. Strategies on monetizing your videos and analyzing your data on YouTube.

Andras Bodrogi – YouTube specialist