Panels 2015

Highway 2015 Revisited

6.11. at 10:10
The opening panel is the only session devoted solely to the domestic music business scene – it is a reflection on the most important events and moments that took place last year, and an attempt to predict future developments. Who made it and who failed last year? How did we change, how did we succeed and what events should rather be forgotten? What can we do together in order to develop the Czech music industry further? Should we finally establish a functioning association of live music professionals? Those will be the main themes of our discussion…
František Švadlena – Mighty Sounds (CZ)
Anthony Jouet – Fource Entertainment (CZ)
Michal Šamánek – Majáles (CZ)
Jiří Suchánek – Plzeň – Evropské město kultury 2015 (CZ)
Tomáš Lorenzo Zdeněk – Cross Club (CZ)
Hosted by Jan Vedral

Booking Maze

6.11. at 11:40
The Central and Eastern European territorry has been reffered to as an „emerging market“ for many years. The presence of top class music professionals on this panel calls for an obvious question: have we finally joined the “emerged“ club? If not, what else needs to be done? And shall we get the same answer from local agents and promoters? What are currently the most relevant issues for the Central European market? Ever-increasing artist fees, development of home-grown talent and its ability to compete at international level, decreasing sponsorship, continuing recession, competition, problems with local authorities? Another interesting topic we may touch on is the increasing number of festivals along with the decreasing number of live venues – which in the long run may bring radical changes to live music market. The concert business has certainly seen growth for many years, but are there any warning signs that we should seek to avoid what happened to the recording industry which practically collapsed after many years of growth?
Joe Schiavon – Global Live (UK)
Geoff Meall – United Talent Agency (UK)
Philip Jacob-Pahl – Landstreicher Booking (D)
Robert Porkert – Live Nation (CZ)
Adéla Sejkorová – Roxy (CZ)
Hosted by David Gaydečka

Social Media & Marketing

6.11. at 14:00
Sharing photos of our meals with “friends” is not the only thing you can do on social media. We’ll talk about how to develop a great relationship with your fans, whether you are a festival, venue, label, or a band. Music is cool and anything related to music has a great potential to attract followers. Therefore, if anyone has the potential to shine on social media, it’s us who are professionally involved. There’s more to talk about: how to use any information that people share about them on social media for marketing purposes, how to develop your brand brand through social media, and how to use it in order to attract more audience to your festival or more buyers to your latest album. Are you interested in knowing what Facebook knows (and stores) about you, how to tweet so that you get retweeted, and what must happen in order to transform an unknown person into your fan and a fan into your customer? Or do you just want to find out what’s the fuss with all this social media hype and whether there is anything for you too? Then come and join us on this panel…
Marek Nieslanik – (CZ)
Julian Tremaud – Digital BC (UK)
Michal Karmazin – Let It Roll (CZ)
Petr Růžička – Brainz (CZ)
Hosted by Štěpán Kleník

Making money from copyright

6.11. at 15:30
Do you know how to maximize your revenues from Youtube, Spotify and other music and video streaming services? What should authors do in order to get their music featured in a film or a TV ad? What is a music library, who is a publisher, and how do you make money through them? How to protect your copyright online and what are your best defending options in case your rights are violated? How does money generated from music usage gets divided between the author, publisher, artist and label? What role Performing Rights and Neigbouring Rights societies play in this process? Those are the hot topics we’ll discuss during this panel.
Roman Strejček – OSA (CZ)
Dionysis Tsonopoulos – D-Version (GR)
Luděk Motyčka – Google (CZ)
Roman Kučera – Pirátská strana (CZ)
Hosted by Ondřej Tyleček

Best Practice Festivals

7.11. at 11:00
There has never been more festivals out there than today; and new ones are still being launched. Traditional events need to innovate in order to keep up with current trends. How long can this go on for? And how can a festival promoter run a successfull festival? A simple question, that has as many answers as there are festival promoters. We’ll try to find the most successful and outstanding festival projects of the season and we’ll try to identify the key factors for their success on the festival market. We’ll go back to the summer festival season and try to mention some format, production, and marketing tricks that can attract audiences. Joins us for this panel, listen carefully and you’ll be best equiped for the next festival season.
Dany Hassenstein – Paleo Festival Nyon (CH)
Girts Majors – Positivus Festival (LTU)
Ivan Milivojev – EXIT festival (SRB)
Bernhard Chapligin – Pfingst Open Air Festival (GER)
Hosted by Michal Kaščák (SK)

Brands & Events

7.11. at 12:50
Money serves as the basis for the organisation of any event, and partnerships with brands are one of its prime sources. On the other hand, brands need events as they can use them to attract new customers and to maintain their existing ones. Artists, events, and venues, all work with brands, but each have a slightly different approach and goals for such partnerships. What are these goals and how each partner can make sure that their creative and marketing potential is being maximised? Let’s look at what brands expect from events, how do they perceive them, and how an important role data and its analysis plays in the process of establishing the most adequate brand and event partnership. Together with our expert panelists we’ll look at the best examples of live music brand & event partnerships (both domestic and international), we’ll investigate how to achieve the desired goals and how to make sure a partnership is sustainable in the long run. Promoters, managers, and artists will find out how to profile their events in order to be more attractive for brands, and how to present themselves to brands successfully.
Emily Scoggins – New Look (UK)
Parag Bhandari – UG Strategies (USA)
Stanislav Baláž – Red Bull (SK)
Roman Neczli – (SK)
Michal Thomes – Rock for People (CZ)
Hosted by Marek Tovaryš

Ticketing and cashless solutions

7.11. at 15:10
At first we’ll go through some basic ticketing terms such as the relationship between a ticketing company and a promoter, ticket control solutions, common price schemes used for music events, usage of data from customers, and PR strategies including discount and promo programmes. Just like the record industry, ticketing is also undergoing huge changes resulting from the quick rise of digital technology. Traditional ticketing companies need to change their working strategies and there are many new players in the industry. A ticket is no longer a piece of paper, it can be a code in a punter’s mobile device which cleverly keeps track of customer actions and provides valuable data to the ticketing company and the promoter. Some 30% of ticket sales are now performed online and through mobile devices. Last but not least, we’ll discuss cashless solutions. These days you not only see no hard paper tickets, but even no cash at music events while all payments are being performed through RFID. What benefits do cashless solutions bring to the promoter and to the punter? As you see, ticketing is a fast growing part of the industry and we’ll try to reflect on its current changes…
Vojtěch Otevřel – (CZ)
David De Wever – (BEL)
Serge Grimaux – Intellitix (CZ)
Lucia Bočánková – Ticketportal (CZ, SK)
Hosted by Olda Bajer