Panels 2014

Highway 2014 Revisited

Friday 10:45AM – 12:00AM
A brief reflection on some of the most important events in the Czech music scene during the past year. An attempt to forsee where the market is going. We will take the time to reflect on the most important gigs, festivals, events and music-related campaigns. We will talk a little about the people who have passed away. What can we do to ensure further development of the music industry in the Czech Republic?
David Urban – D Smack U Promotion
David Gaydečka – Joe’s Garage / United Islands (CZ)
Zdeněk Souček – Let It Roll (CZ)
Jakub Bezděk – Sono Centrum Brno (CZ)
Jaromír Telenský – Lucerna Music Bar / Rock for Churchill (CZ)

Music & Cultural Support

Friday 12:30AM – 2:00PM
How to satisfy the yet ever higher financial demands of bands while the price of admission has already reached its current limits? Financing cultural projects should not be a bad word. This part of music business is currently undergoing some huge changes, mainly in connection with some new approaches towards financing: 360, crowdfunding, self-funding… This panel will focus on the possibility of using both public and private sources for financing cultural events. We will also take a brief look at other countries, namely those where financing music export is a common practice of their governments.
Jeremy Hulsh – Oleh!Records (ISR)
Tatjana Domany – Austrian Music Export (AUT)
Zbyněk Kovář – Staropramen (CZ)
Tomáš Kolář – Česká spořitelna (CZ)

Magdalena Müllerová – Creative Europe (CZ)
Pavel Eichler – Hit Hit (CZ)

Music & Media

Friday 3:00PM – 4:30PM
How is current popular music being presented in the media? Who (or what) dictates the way media is structured and why? How can media support music? And not just mainstream music… Should the media accept the role of merely reflecting or should they also play an educative role? What is the difference between the approach of state-owned and private media? What can media do to make people want to discover new music?
John Robb – Louder Than War (UK)
Petr Urban – Radio 1 (CZ)
Alexandr Guha – TV Óčko (CZ)
Jitka Fürst – Evropa 2 (CZ)
Petr Král – ČRo – Radiožurnál (CZ)

Booking Maze

Saturday 11:00AM – 12:15PM
One of the most important things in the live music business is to have a clear profile and something unique that makes you stand out in the crowd. Let’s talk about the state of booking in Central Europe. Can more promoters cooperate within one market? Is there a chance of creating rules that would be acceptable for all parties? What are the biggest barriers a Central European promoter has to overcome? How to ensure that two local promoters do not overpay a band on demand? Is solidarity and loyalty between agents and promoters a long forgotten thing?
Carl Leighton-Pope – The Leighton-Pope Organisation (UK)
Nick Hobbs – Charmenko (UK)
Anthony Jouet – Fource Entertainment (CZ)
Rob Challice – CODA Agency (UK)
Michal Brenner – MeetFactory (CZ)

Best Practice Festivals

Saturday 12:45AM – 2:15PM
Music festivals are getting more and more popular every year and the entire sector seems to flourish. On the other hand, there is a number of dropouts every year too. A group of renowned festival managers will discuss some of the most important aspects of festival management: from budgeting, ticketing and funding to marketing, insurance and programming – we will try to define examples of best practice in every given field.
Dan Panaitescu – Sziget Festival / Volt Festival (HU)
Zlata Holušová – Colours of Ostrava (CZ)
Malcolm Haynes – Glastonbury Festivals (UK)
Artur Peixoto – Optimus Alive (PT)
Michal Kaščák – Pohoda Festival (SK)

Current Role Of A Label

Saturday 3:00PM – 4:30PM
The sale of classic music media went down drastically during the past couple of years. Labels, once one of the most powerful institutions, have either gone bancrupt or are seeking new revenue streams. What is the current role of a record label? How do labels help artists and what are some examples of best practice for their survival? As the sales of classic music media fall rapidly, the artists’ revenue streams change; today’s artists can hugely benefit from digital rights etc. These and other issues will be tackled by both people from classic labels, as well of those with a more fresh approach towards this segment of the market,
Robert Horsfall – Sound Advice (UK)
Robert Amirian – Nextpop (PL)
Iva Milerová – Supraphon (CZ)
Šimon Kotek – 100promotion (CZ)