Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos  (GR)


Panagiotis Menegos (GR)

After 34 years of playing or teaching music, 7 years of organizing concerts for my bands, 12 years of professional experience in software development in the areas of machine learning and a PhD pursuit in Computer Vision, I managed to inspire three talented, down-to-earth professionals that we should put our work into the world of performances. This was my greatest achievement and the beginning of PerformAnts. I am passionate about discovering technological, handy solutions that solve real world problems, working with small, motivated teams and music, music, music.

PerformAnts is my comfort zone. What a place to be!

PerformAnts is a web platform that increases the mobility of musicians and the accessibility of venues by rationalizing the cost of live acts, simplifying communication processes and logistics. It focuses mainly on small and medium sized venues and artists or their managers, that have limited or no access to sponsorships or subsidies.PerformAnts is mainly a concert booking environment where music performers and venues build their dynamic profiles, find one another through a dedicated search engine, negotiate on requirements and make concert deals. The platform undertakes the role of bringing together matching musicians and venues by examining their preferences, statistics and event history. It effectively becomes their digital concert partner that allows organizers to focus only on the creative, value-adding tasks of live production. Intelligent recommendations and an innovative mechanism for the circulation of musicians allows performers to travel easier as venues make significant savings from transportation expenses.Through PerformAnts, music is carried from stage to stage, city to city and country to country, to meet its audience wherever it might be.