Malle Kaas (DK)

Women in Live Music

Malle Kaas (DK)

My name is Malle Kaas, and I am a Danish based live sound engineer, and the founder of the European organisation Women In Live Music. I have been in and out of the industry for more than 20 years, working in Denmark, Germany, UK and the USA. But now steady since 2013 working for venues, bands and rental companies, mainly in Copenhagen where I live. Next to my job as a sound engineer, I am also a certified nurse anesthetist.

Less than 10% of people working with concert productions are women. Therefore, WILM saw the need to create a community, where these women can find Inspiration, Motivation and Support.

The community is active on both social media, where the facebook group is very active with nearly 2.000 members – and in real life. On top of social media there is also the website, where you will be able to find WILM’s Crewlist. The Crewlist is a platform for artists, venues and festivals to easily find qualified female crewmembers from all over Europe. So far there are +100 profiles to choose from. Our main activity though, is to organize training and meet ups all across Europe for our members to share and gain knowledge. For the more experienced members, we arrange workshops in cooperation with for instance audio manufactures like d&b audiotechnik, Shure etc.

For newcomers we arrange intro workshops. This can be an intro to tourmanagement, rigging or backline etc. This is for both newcomers, and for the experienced colleagues who would like to be introduced to some of the other fields in live music.