Fabian Hansen (DK)


Fabian Hansen

Danish man currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am the communications manager at WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor), a Danish tech startup that helps artists, labels, managers, booking agents and PR companies track their radio airplay on a global scale. I have a diverse background in the music industry which includes work at record labels, in management, hosting radio shows and podcasts, DJ’ing and music journalism.

WARM is the first large-scale radio monitoring service focused on individuals in the music industry. It has the world’s largest coverage spanning approximately 25.000 radio stations in 130 countries (FM, DAB, online).WARM allows anyone to track and monitor any song, in real-time. Until now, most artists, managers, labels, PR companies, booking agents, songwriters and producers have had no or very little insight into when or where their songs are played on radio stations. WARM aims to change that and create transparency by providing them with valuable data about their music.By using audio fingerprint technology, WARM is able to track any song played on the radio and match it to its database of 27 million songs, allowing the user to get insight into when and where an airplay occurs. Artists and their teams can then use this information to optimize radio plugging and social media promotion, target their tour booking, improve control of royalty collection and more.