Simon Gaudry

Simon Gaudry

Master’s degree in sociology at Université Laval with a diversified work experience in cultural organizations (, as an agent for artists and international projects (, as head of 10 years of show bar programming (L’Impossible, Bar d’Auteuil, Kashmir night club) as a teacher (Laval University and Maurice Barbeau Center) and as a show producer (

Since 1987, he has been managing urban animation projects by producing outdoor and indoor special events in the city center in out-of-the-ordinary venues. He managed several cultural events in terms of logistics, human resources, communications, financing, administration, customer studies and programming.

Simon also organizes tours of professional artists and young talent in Quebec and internationally, and since 2011, especially in Asia. He is looking for funding, coordinates delegated productions and requests for projects like Planetrox and the Fête des Québécois from 2009 to 2015. He administers audition projects by producing special outdoor and indoor events in 10 countries.

Since 2011, Simon is co-owner of the online ticketing system and Hong Kong and Indonesia They work with more than 3,000 clients.

Simon was a member of the Québec Première Ovation grant committee from 2012 to 2016, so he is very familiar with the workings and parameters of public funding for culture.

Finally since 1987, Simon has been a member of four bands as drummer: Toxic Waste, Freak Brothers, Damned if we do not and Van de Kamp.

Simon actually is a gentleman punk.