Lena Ingwersen

Lena IngwersenLena Ingwersen works as project manager for the Hamburg Music Business Association and the Music Cities Network, a new network dedicated to improving communication and cooperation between music cities around the world, since November 2016. After finishing her Master’s degree in Cultural and Media Management, Lena extended her experiences as a Project Manager while working for the MS Dockville Festival, RockCity Hamburg e.V., the Körber Foundation, for the Symposium The Art of Music Education, and the musical performance group Deichkind. She is a co-founder of the transdisciplinary festival concept Hallo Festspiele and the Schaltzentrale, an artistic format of spatial development in Hamburg and apart of being a DJ, she currently works as cultural and artist manager for the Papenwohld Artist Residency, as well as the artists Girls in Airports, Øya, and JBXDR. She enjoys her role as a facilitator at the interface between different cultural and musical policies and aims to challenge stereotyped thinking.