Fruzsina Szép

Fruzsina SzepFruzsina is festival director for Lollapalooza Berlin and Board member of Yourope, the European Festival Association. She was the program & artistic director of Sziget (HU) and was the funding director of the Hungarian Music Export Office and the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels and also initiated CEETEP, the Central-Eastern European Talent Exchange Program that is part of ETEP, the European Talent Exchange Program.

Since many years Fruzsina is working on a well structured link between the Eastern and the Western European Festival market and the exchange of a high level of know-how and best practice between cultural and artistic workers in order to strengthen the mobility of artistic repertoire and the cultural and creative value of Festivals.

She is a lecturer at Universities where she holds classes on art management, creative concept development and festival organization.

Fruzsina was born in Budapest (H), grew up in Munich (DE) and started her professional career in the music and entertainment industry at the age of 18.