Christof Huber

Christof Huber; Openair SG; Openair St.Gallen; Chef;Christof is the festival director and booker of the OpenAir St.Gallen, one of the most important music festivals in Switzerland. He also books the Summerdays Festival Arbon, the Stars in Town Festival Schaffhausen and the new boutique festival Unique Moments in Zurich. He is the owner of Incognito Productions AG event agency and books and promotes several club festivals, concerts and tours all over Switzerland. Since January, 2016, he is the president of the board of directors of wepromote Entertainment Group Switzerland AG, a holding structure with the following companies: OpenAir St.Gallen AG, Summerdays AG, Gadget GmbH, wildpony GmbH and Incognito Productions AG.

He is a board member of Yourope, the European Festival Association since its founding in 1998, and since 2003, he is general secretary of the association.