“It’s all about discovering new ideas, thinking about new concepts, energising new projects, discussion and learning, …and it continues year after year with more experiences to be shared, more stories to be told, and more insights to be harnessed.”

We started Nouvelle Prague with the idea of creating a small sized showcase event in the heart of Europe that will attract international promoters and music professionals, that will facilitate contacts and, above all, will introduce overseas and Czech bands to the European music scene. Over the past five years we have been humbled by your support and enthusiasm for this journey, and encouraged by your feedback to continue building Nouvelle into something special within the CEE music scene. And so Nouvelle Prague is back for 2017 with another info and idea-packed edition, with further ‘face-lifts’ in the format to enhance participation and engagement. Each year we are looking at new areas to explore, and this year the focus is on creating a regional culture-business meeting point, and facilitating interaction between you our participants. We have also decided to try and enhance your Nouvelle Prague experience with less ‘Talking Heads’ presentation-style panels and more ‘Rage Against Status Quo’ interactive discussions. Be entertained, voice your opinions, share your experiences and gain the insights that matter. And if a topic grabs your interest then the linked mentoring and workshop sessions will enable you to ‘get down deep’ into the naked details.

And now here’s a taster of our still-evolving program:


  • New Sources of Income: This discussion is intended to explore the not so obvious ways that music related businesses and participants can harness new revenue streams. Our guest speakers are amongst the best in the industry and will introduce you to merchandising, ticketing, syncing, streaming, gaming and digital distribution.
  • Discover The Regional Market: With our Austrian, Slovakian, Polish and Hungarian colleagues, we will discuss the similarities and differences of our respective music industry landscapes, identifying common features and accessibility for neighbouring artists. (Please note there will be additional speedmeeting sessions with CEE professionals to help get you connected.)
  • Take a Stand: As a partner of the YOUROPE (The European Festival Association) Take a Stand program, we will discuss the social and moral responsibilities and opportunities of major events. The panel will also discuss the inherent social impact of music events, and the steps that we, as music entrepreneurs, can take to promote and enable positive change against racism, xenophobia, corruption, and authoritarian institutions and politicians.
  • Tactics for Evolution: Forget the UK and focus on tangible steps to grow and evolve your band towards hitting other international stages. Our panel of showcase directors and international agents will give their thoughts and ideas on when is a band ready, what are the obstacles, where will the next hottest acts emerge from, and what will they need to have to succeed.
  • The Master’s Tricks: For several years now, many festivals and events have applied significant thought to their non-music programming. To help you discover the possibilities of side-events, and how to build communities around them, we have invited some of the most active event organizers to pass on their experiences. Tips, ideas and practical advice a plenty on how to enhance your event program.
  • Labeliser: Realities from recording industry… what does the future landscape look like? Streaming or vinyl…. thinking or syncing?


  • TUBE YOUrself: YouTube session 2.0 on how to build your profile and capitalise on it.
  • “Well it was OK but… the lyrics”: Effective help from a professional lyricist to help you improve your English lyric writing skills.
  • Green Monster: Our workshop for event, club and festival organisers on the practicalities of going green with economic benefits.
  • Cashless Pays?: An introduction to cashless solutions, from the small to the big.
  • Digital Me: A practical guide to syncing.
  • Event Organiser’s Step by Step: Mentoring session with Serge Grimaux.
  • Your Case: In cooperation with IMMF. Practicalities of touring/ showcasing…for all.


Fruzsina Szép – director of Lollapalooza Berlin

Ruud Berends – Eurosonic Noorderslag conference

Christof Huber – director of St Gallen Open Air festival, chairman of the YOUROPE festival organization

Marcin Bakiewicz – ANTY Radio Poland ( biggest independent Polish rock oriented station)

Ralph H. Christoph – c/o pop festival in Cologne

Christian Holl Buhl – FACTORY 92

Kate Northrop – professional lyricist

Login Kochishki event organizer, promoter, festival & bands manager

Dijana Lakus – Music Glue

Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt – International Music Managers Forum

Tomek Waśko – Go Ahead

Shaun Faulkner – X-Ray Touring agent ( agent of the Qemist, Fizzy Blood, Hackitvist..)

Holger Jan Smidt – GO Group, YOUROPE

Simone Manchisi – Bass Culture agency ( agent of Dub FX)..

and many more to come…