Nouvelle Prague 2015 Awards

Nouvelle Prague Awards are intended for subjects within Czech music industry and should highlight outstanding achievements and personalities, who have contributed considerably to the development of the Czech music business environment.

Awards will be given out in following categories:

Venue of the year

Regardless of its size, this award goes out to a venue, where all bands want to play and where all fans want to return. The awarded venue must have excellent programming, unique services, great staff and impeccable promotion.

Achievement of the year

Nouvelle Prague would like to award the achievements that meant the biggest leap forward in Czech music business. A whole new project or a new programming idea, a new business concept or an important innovation. Any substantial step away from the currently established conventions counts.

Personality of the year

Agent or manager who helped their clients substantially? Organiser of a successful festival? Author of an interesting project or maybe just a good promoter, who knows his job and does it well? Someone like that may walk away with this award. Simply anyone who surpassed their work standards within the past year.

Voting at Nouvelle Prague Awards is open for all delegates in the particular year with the exception of Nouvelle Prague organisers and their employees. After registration, any delegate can send over nominations for the three above mentioned categories. The nominations’ submission ends two days before the festival starts, 4th November 2015. The festival organiser will select 5 most frequented nominees and present this shortlist for each category one day before the Nouvelle Prague opens. Delegates will elect the winners directly at the festival. The award winners will be announced at a Novelle prague Awards Ceremony on Friday 6th November at 10pm. The actual awards were designed by the Czech glass artist Jan Huňát. Please submit your nominations to until 4th November 2015