By May 1st 2011, artist naming himself Kittchen, posted his debut album MENU on hus website. The was free to download. By the the end of the year, MENU was released on vinyl at the Červerný kůň label and was awarded by the Vinyla prize.

Kittchen begins to perform live. Most gigs in a duo, where the camouflaged musician is accompanied by multiinstrumentalist Tomáš Neuwerth. One year after the release of the debut album, Kittchen came up with an album of remixes named DEZERT. By May 1st 2013 a new album named RADIO is out, with Tomáš Neuwerth mentioned as a regular band member. The album is nominated for Vinyla, Apollo an Anděl awards, winning the latter in the alternative category.

Michael Kratochvil

In 2014, RADIO is once again followed by an album of remixes named ECHO. KITTCHEN now work on a new album, planned for release by May 1st 2015.