Tea Sofia (CZ)

Tea Sofia is an 18 year old emerging Czech singer and songwriter who stirred up the local pop scene back in 2018 with her hit single Pretend (over 75 000 streams on Spotify) and, subsequently, an ambitious EP Unwind. Tea Sofia is now working with producer Bojan Bojić on her debut album called STANI from which three songs have already been released and where for the first time she will be singing not only in English but also in her native Serbian. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, yet proudly embracing her Serbian and Lithuanian roots, Tea’s work is distinguishable thanks to the signer’s strong voice, indisputable song-writing talent, and lyrics which authentically capture the feelings of her generation.

Earlier this year, Tea Sofia won a music competition Czeching organized by a local radio station Radio Wave, the aim of this contest being to help the best up-and-coming musicians on the Czech progressive scene reach international audiences and listeners. A jury of 18 experts from 15 countries (music professionals from BBC, Puls, Rai Radio 2, Radio France, FM4 and music festivals such as ESNS or MENT) chose Tea as the winner, enabling her to take part in a large-scale showcase festival ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) taking place in January 2021.

Contact: teasofiamusic@gmail.com 

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