Šíma Jakub


When Jakub Šíma was walking in the second grade of elementary school with studio headphones on, others were wondering. Long nights spent alone in the woods with an internet connection gave him plenty of time to discover mainstream and obscure corners of rap. During one of the cigars in the alma mater arcade, his then classmate Honza Bárta ̶ with his eyebrows raised above the knowledge of rappers weird and even weirder ̶ gave him the idea to write about music. Since then, you could have met him on the pages of Fullmoon magazine or as a regular guest on the Scéna s Mary C on Radio Wave. Recently, he has been preparing a podcast Brrrap for Radio Wave, in which he interviews personalities of the Czechoslovak rap scene.

Jakub Šíma na Full Moon Magazine

Brrrap! Radio Wave