Richter Katrin (Release Day)

As a studied Art Historian (B.A. hons, Upper 2.1), I love in-depth research and art, but my firm roots in music always let me return to the source. Dedicated to amplitude, frequency and spectrum by promoting change, I have been teaching over 200 females* from 30 countries how to DJ with vinyl since 2016, co-running a space in Kreuzberg, sharing knowledge and artistic insight moments and putting on intercultural events. I love making music, using Ableton and some hardware. During my 15 years as an editor for Raveline Magazine, Meoko and WKD Mag, I got inspired by countless happenings within the music scene which is why I love to keep moving and cherish new developments. Having worked for most electronic music publications as a freelance music writer, I also double up as curator, event organiser, DJ and producer. I like to combine my insider knowledge and and 20/20 vision to operate on a global scale, employing my experience and pushing into new stratospheres.


Release Day is an electronic music podcast and live stream promoting FLINT* and female* PoC and other marginalized peoples’ artistry via in-depth interviews. Its extensive online network also serves as a hub and platform as its core intention—to create visibility—is backed up by impartment of knowledge and exchange of ideas. Release Day is more than just an musicalized podcast though as each edition is broadcasted from a different location facing extinction.