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Vašek Nunnelly Kokeš, Star Trek lover, publishing articles, reviews, and interviews about audiovisual culture on web zins such as Defekt and The Aardvark since 2006, later in other periodicals such as Fullmoon Magazine. Since 2010 he has curated exhibitions of beginning artists and later, as part of the mysterious Jednota collective, organized dozens of concerts of mostly experimental music. Five years later, he began working for a progressive promotional company Fource Entertainment. Thanks to this, he was able to participate in hundreds of concerts of top world artists, from those in the smallest clubs to the sold-out largest halls not only in the Czech Republic. As a graphic designer, he created, among other things, the visual identity of Fource Entertainment, several years of Žižkovská Noc, the Psy-High festival or even dozens of posters and album covers by Czech alternative bands.

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