Nouvelle Prague 2020

Dear visitors of Nouvelle Prague,

The eighth year of the music conference is approaching and will take place from 30 to 31 October at DOX + in Prague.

The past difficult months have hit the entire cultural sector and so we live in a time of absolute uncertainty. The changes also affected Nouvelle Prague, but we hope that only in a good sense of the word.

At a time of an ever-growing number of showcase festivals and conferences around the world, this year at Nouvelle Prague we want to offer you panel discussions, workshops and meetings focused on the Central European and especially the Czech-Slovak scene. This year, we give more space for practical training and mentoring meetings, which will increase the competitiveness of artists and events in the domestic and international field, and we will present promising music projects and place them in the context of world events.

We are going to focus on local and global topics commonly used on the scene such as the introduction of EET, ecology and sustainability, streaming, education of beginners, and more experienced ones in the music business. We will present our region to the Czech and foreign delegates – from prominent personalities, events, spaces, to interesting projects or tool manufacturers.

We hope that at the end of October we will meet at DOX +, meet new colleagues and projects, exchange experiences, point out problems and their solutions. We look forward to you! You can buy a ticket for the lowest price until August 30.