Kománková Jana

Jana is a music journalist turned culture journalist turned entrepreneur.

 She founded protisedi.cz and has grown it into one of the Czech Republic’s top independent style and culture websites,. She’s closed deals with some of Europe’s top clothing and entertainment companies for advertising and marketing projects with Proti šedi.

She’s been a freelance writer and editor for more than 17 years, having written articles for magazines and websites in both Czech and English. She co-wrote several books on culture. She’s also a freelance translator for Czech and American clients. 

She’s a DJ for Prague’s Radio 1 and occasionally DJ in clubs.

She loves knitting, also. Previous experience:
 Her main focus has been to introduce new music to the Czech audience, to find ways to describe what is happening in the cultural field, including finding a language to describe new phenomena. She is also a knitter whose knitted objects were featured in Spanish online media and exhibited in Slovakia.

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