Gregor Robert

He’s the editor-in-chief of New Model Radio and the owner of Gregor Agency – music agency and label since 1992 (Gregor Agency – G.A. Records since 2007) which supports and promotes independent music. Several exceptional albums of Slovak musicians and bands have been released under this label (J. B. Kladivo, Martin Burlas, Ali Ibn Rachid, Karol Mikloš, Mango Molas, Hudba z Marsu, PPE, AMO, Billy Barman, Kvety Nikotínu and others). From 1999 to 2011 he was also a correspondent of the European organization WMCE, focused on the promotion of world music. Nowadays he works as a correspondent of a similar international organisation TWMC that associates music editors from around the world. Between 1992 and 2011 he worked as an editor and host of his musical sessions on Rock FM radio first, later on Radio Ragtime and Radio_FM. He also contributed to various magazines with articles on music. As a publicist he is currently working primarily for the New Model Radio  where he is also in charge of music dramaturgy.

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