Blažek Petr

18 years on the Czech music scene. Manager, sound engineer, producer, music publisher (label DaSkaRecords), founder and owner of the agency 420 Production. He collaborated on festivals Respect, Khamoro, as a manager he worked with top artists in world music, electronic music and beatbox. He played a major part in the success of Mydy Rabycad, he toured with them in 20 countries and on 4 continents. He and his team continue to provide the same care for the increasingly more respected Noisy Pots, The Atavists and many more. Chairman of an association of music managers MMF Czech Republic, Czech branch of the international association International Music Managers Forum and member of the board of Česká obec hudební (Czech Music Community) through which he negotiates with the government about pandemic measures and help for the music sector. He actively and regularly takes part in a number of conferences, congresses and showcase festivals where he represents interests of Czech modern and alternative music in a broader context. He gave lectures about music management also at the Prague University of Economics and Business, at the Czech Centre in New York, at the conference Waves Vienna or at the SIM conference in the Brazilian Sao Paulo.