Billow (CZ)

Billow is an indie/dream pop band consisting of Lenka Zborilova, Jakub Zboril, and Vojtech Vesely. They release on Slovakian label Z Tapes. Billow debuted in 2017 with a fragile acoustic album Maps, which received a positive reception from Czech music critics. The album was ranked among the best Czech records of the year on Beehype, Alterecho, and Full Moon. It is also one of the best-selling Czech albums on Bandcamp.

In 2019, Billow released their second album Seascape (Z Tapes, Piper Records), which was praised also abroad and the cassette release was distributed in Japan. One of the singles, Suburbia, gained the attention of music blogs all around the world and Spotify included it in its renowned Late Night Vibes playlist among the best current indie acts. This November Billow returns with a third album called III.


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