Conference Schedule

“European Networks in the new era of music businesses”

Friday 4th of November

09:00 Registration opens

Paspuv Sal venue

10:00 Opening Keynote Speech by Mr. Karel Barták  (Head of Culture Programme Unit DG Education and Culture European Commission)

10:20 Panel #1 – Networking is a must! The need of a common European networking strategy

11:45 coffee break

12:00 Panel #2 – Going Green to save your money

13:00 lunch

14:00 Panel #3 –Get Digital! – Capitalize on Music related businesses on the digital field

15:00 coffee break

15:15 Czech Music Office -pilot project- introduction

15:30 Panel #4 God Save the export office!

22:00 Balkan to Baltics afterparty with DJ Bootsie / HU

Trnkuv Sal venue

12:00 Mentoring session: The quest of the booking agent

15:30 Case study: alternative cashless system at Rock for People festival by Cool Ticket

16:00 Clever Ticketing 2.0 with GOOUT

Navstevnicke Centrum venue

12:00 Mentoring session: Clever Ticketing with Jiři Blafka (Tiketbox)

14:00 Mentoring session: Going Green to save your money – by Martha Bissmann

15:30 Panel #5 All Ears (interactive listening session)

Saturday 5th of November

Paspuv Sal venue

10:00 Keynote speech by Serge Grimaux

10:20 Panel #6 – New Ways of event finance

11:30 coffee break

12:00 Panel #7 – Event organizer’s FAQ

13:00 lunch

14:00 Panel #8 – Brand yourself

15:00 coffee break

15:30 Panel #9 – Can Guitar Save Democracy?

22:00 Novelle Prague 2016 Awards ceremony

23:00 Afterparty (Zrní / CZ + special guest)

Trnkuv Sal venue

16:00 Panel # 10 “We don’t need no Education” – The situation of music industry education (VET) in the region

Navstevnicke Centrum venue

10:30 …the view from back stage.. – interactive discussion for musicians, and managers

12:00 Mentoring session: YouTube for dummies – András Bodrogi (Google Ground) YouTube tutor, digital music market expert

16:00 Meet, Greet and Beer – Speed Meeting session