Conference panel discussions and workshops 2019

Panel Discussions

Friday November 8th 10:15 | Main Hall

Revolution Rock

30 years later: Debate on how the music helped to forge a change, and what are the current social responsibilities of actors of the music scene. Social responsibilities to counteract political populistic distortions, speaking up for – a green and sustainable future, gender balance, mental health…. Our speakers will bring Fridays for Future, Brexit, the Middle-East tension, and community movements together into an inspiring hour.

Moderator: Holger Jan Schmidt (GO Group, Take a Stand)


  • Jeff Thompson (UnConvention)
  • Anna Mezgerová (Fridays for Future)
  • Lucie Caswell (Palestine Music Expo)
  • Serge Grimaux (Forum Karlín, promoter)

Friday November 8th 11:15 | Main Hall

My Kind of Town Music Tourism

Stakeholders of regional and international cities speaking about programs that are helping their local music scene. Invited speakers from the music tourism sector will discuss how to boost music and tourism hand in hand.

Moderator: Márton Náray (SoundCzech, Nouvelle Prague)


  • Alessandra Di Caro (Butik)
  • Olaf Furniss (Wide Days Conference/ Music Tourist)
  • Jiří Suchánek (DEPO2015 Pilse, Executive director)
  • Jan Štern (Prague’s night mayor)

Friday November 8th 13:15 | Main Hall

IQ Magazine presents: Keynote Interview

Founder of leading marketing communications agency, REPUBLIKA Communications in Prishtina with regional branches in Tirana (Albania) and Skopje (Macedonia) and Mercy & Wild PR Communications Agency in London, two agencies serving major multinational organizations and corporations in European and US markets. He is personally involved in Strategic Development of artists in the music industry including his daughter Dua Lipa a two time grammy Award winner and three time brit Awards Winner and winner of countless world wide awards.

Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, ILMC) interviews Dukagjin Lipa (Republika Communications)

Friday November 8th 14:30 | Main Hall

All the things you do

We are debuting a new panel in which we ask you, the delegates, to share your opinion on music export offices, digital scopes, social issues, and mirror those with known journalists, and music personalities. Expect some tricky questions.

Moderator: Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Scotland)


  • Christopher Beanland (freelance journalist and writer)
  • Eugene Butcher (Vive Le Rock Magazine)
  • Ben Osborne (Noise of Arts, journalist)
  • Matti Komulainen (music specialist, journalist)

Friday November 8th 15:30 | Workshop Room

Synch and Shout – Music supervision

Music in games, TV, ads, and the world of radio plugin … what are the effective steps to take in order to get more out of our music to the international circulation. An actual hands on panel, where an eager management/label asks the questions about Synch and digital distribution from the players in the sector.

Moderator: Petr Blažek (420 Production)


  • Fabian Hansen (WARM)
  • Paul Elsasser (Lime Music)
  • Steve Farris (expert)
  • Henriette Heimdal (CD Baby)
  • Neeta Ragoowansi (SVP, Business Development & Legal Affairs)

Saturday November 9th 10:30 | Main Hall

Take the Power Back

This is not a panel to discuss gender quota rather it is an introduction of amazing female entrepreneurs who have been empowering women in music for years.

Moderator: Marie Čtveráčková (Radio Wave, ZVUK Praha)


  • Neeta Ragoowansi (Women In Music, IMMF – US)
  • Malle Kaas (Women in Live Music)
  • Hortense Van Der Brande (Toutpartout Agency, RE – shape management)
  • Nathalie von Rotz (The Great Escape)

Saturday November 9th 11:45 | Main Hall

Various Failures

A panel on failed music projects: We are inviting known stakeholders in music to speak about their failures and how to avoid them.

Moderator: Márton Náray (SoundCzech, Nouvelle Prague)


  • Phil Jones (Park The Van management)
  • Ben Osborne (The Social, journalist)
  • Richard England (Cadiz Music)
  • Ian Smith (Fizzion and Frusion Music Agency)
  • David Urban (D Smack U)
  • Jeff Thompson (UnConvention)
  • Marc Ridet (music consultant, ex-PaleoFestival, ex-Swiss Music Export Office)
  • Serge Grimaux (Forum Karlín, promoter)

Saturday November 9th 13:45 | Main Hall

YouTube Music Listening Session

Registration acquired | Registration closed. 

Our traditional listening session with a small twist. This time we asked colleagues from radios, synch, PR, and labels to give their honest opinion on whether the actual song could be made from their point of view.


  • Sat Bisla (A&R Worldwide)
  • Richard England (Cadiz Music)
  • Eugene Butcher (Vive Le Rock Magazine)
  • Jana Recmanikova (Festival Republic)
  • Chris Smyth (Primary Talent)
  • Liam Spencer (Echelon Talent Agency)
  • Steve Zapp (ITB)
  • Phil Jones (Park The Van Records and Management)

Saturday November 9th 15:00 | Workshop room

Secret Agent Man

Finally it’s time to speak about how the booking agency sector moves in the region with agents and promoters.

Moderator: Michael Lambert (Wide Events CIC)


  • Ivan Milivojev (EXIT Festival, Yourope board member)
  • Ian Smith (Fizzion and Frusion agency)
  • Radek Motlik (Cafe V Lese, D Smack U)
  • Jamie Wade (X-ray Touring)

Workshops and Mentoring sessions

Friday November 8th 10:30 | Cube

Lyrics workshop

After the success of our last workshop we aim for another workshop to help non-native speakers writing their lyrics in English.


  • Christina Grimm – musician
  • Alasdair Bouch – lector

Friday November 8th 11:15 | Workshop Room

Bandcamp workshop with Aly Gillani

Bandcamp is an online record store where millions of fans discover new music and directly support the artists who make it. Artists have earned over $275 million selling music and merch on the site to date, a total that is increasing by around $7 million a month, making it a vital tool for independent artists and labels. Bandcamp’s UK label representative and independent label boss, Aly Gillani, will talk about how artists and labels use Bandcamp, their strategies to bring in the most income, and how to stand out on the site.


  • Aly Gillani (Bandcamp)

Friday November 8th 11:30 | Cube

Intro to Poland – Introduction to five Polish cities and their main music access points

Tak Brzmi Miasto (Hear the City) evolved from a local conference/showcase festival to an incubator project held in 5 cities in Poland (Krakow, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Toruń). Its main goals is business education for self-managed musicians/managers as well as creating a network within and between the cities. The presentation will consist of short overview of the program by Michał Wójcik, the head and the founder of the brand, and, most importantly, you will meet five representatives of scenes involved in the project, who will present their local perspectives on the music market in Poland.


  • Michal Wojcik (Tak Brzmi Miasto)

Friday November 8th 13:00 | Workshop Room

My Way – Are you ready for a label? (Limited capacity max. 30 ppl)

How do the labels work? What kind of artists do they look for today? What do you need to work on and re-think to be attractive amongst other artists? How do you decide which label will suit your music? How to start a relationship with a one? Or maybe you do not need a label at all? Maybe it’s better to self-release track by track? 
Join us on an interactive workshop designed specially for Nouvelle Prague by Artist in Bloom in cooperation with [PIAS]. You will get  crucial knowledge about releasing the market and labels dynamic of operation. You will also have a chance to go through some practical creative exercises that will help you to learn how to evaluate your potential and hit the right player at the right time. 


  • Magda Cholyst (Artist in Bloom)
  • Tony Duckworth (PIAS CEE)

Friday November 8th 13:00 & Saturday November 9th 11:45 | Balcony

CD BABY- 1 on 1 Mentoring

Registration acquired > Registration closed.

CD Baby are delighted to offer one on one sessions at Nouvelle Prague, where you can come and ask any questions you have about releasing, promoting and monetising your music. These sessions are suitable for artists, managers and labels.

CD Baby is the largest independent music distributor in the world, serving over 750,000 artists since 1998. They offer independent artists, labels & management a broad suite of services to release, market and monetise their music. From digital distribution and analytics, to video monetisation, digital marketing tools to publishing administration and sync licensing, CD Baby is by artists for artists; also offering a blog, podcast, and annual US & EU ‘DIY Musician’ conferences. In 2018, they opened their first European office in London.


  • Henriette Heimdal (CD Baby)

Friday November 8th 13:30 | Cube

New Way of Ticketing with GoOut

Thanks to the much easier and accessible applications, ticketing has a new bloom. During this presentation we will look at systems and solutions that could both help DIY concert organizers from bands, to small venues up to major event solutions.


  • Lukáš Jandáč (GoOut)

Friday November 8th 14:30 | Workshop Room

From Beer to Eternity

( in Czech language)

Beer-companies used to be the festival organizer’s best friends. Is that still the case? With the help of Mr Jan Vošta, we are looking into what method could boost the once blooming collaboration again. Is the mono-sponsoring method still a valid idea, or shall we look at better solutions. The invited speakers will be the representatives of beer companies of various sizes.


  • Jan Vošta (Breweries Staropramen)
  • Markéta Jirků (Heineken Event & Trade Specialist)
  • Michal Thomes  (Rock For People)

Friday November 8th 14:30 | Cube

JUMP Music accelerator

Introduction to a new European project that aims to jump start new music related initiations, from Digital solutions to Green Touring. A two-hour session that starts with the introduction of exciting projects and continues by a networking session.

Fasten your seat belts as the following projects will jump start the imagination from AI managers, to Institute of Electronics through the human-sized boutique festivals.


  • Fabian Hansen (WARM)
  • Lina Ugrinovska (Taksirat mentoring)
  • Malle Kaas (Women in Live Music)
  • Alessandra di Caro (Butik)
  • Scott Lewis (Come Play With Me)
  • Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos (PerformAnts)
  • Brendan Power (Institute for Sound & Music)
  • Nuno Santos (Faniak A.I. Music Management)
  • Gwendolenn Sharp (Green Your Touring)
  • Jeanne-Sophie Fort (Blockchain My Art)

Saturday November 9th 11:00 | Workshop Room

Comparative study on music market of the CEE region

CEEMID – Central & Eastern European Music Databases was created out of necessity: many Central and Eastern European countries are lacking effective cross-industry or governmental statistics on music or on cultural industries in general. The lack of data makes the work of tour planning, record promotion, grant evaluation or royalty tariff setting very difficult in those countries where the need would be even greater for such activities than in the most advanced markets.

Musicians are the most known source of information. Daniel Antal developed a survey distributed among music professionals asking them about their experience. This survey was designed to fill in the gaps in the data collection of official statistics and other music and film industry sources. The first survey was made in 2014 in Hungary, and in 2019 it already included 11 countries. It has been filled out in the past years by more than 5000 creative industry professional, in 2019 in Austria, too.

Daniel Antal believes that the music business in most of Europe, including Austria, has many common, similar challenges and would need a lot more regional cooperation to solve them.


  • Dániel Antal (CEEMID)

Saturday November 9th 11:00 | Cube

International PR workshop

Different approaches and helpful solutions for bands and festivals to develop their PR activities abroad.

We are a passionately-run and competitively-driven music PR, marketing, consulting and artist management agency based in Hamburg, Germany. Factory 92 has a rich 10+ year history of promoting and marketing quality bands and music brands while working for some of the international music industry’s most influential companies. Factory 92 works both on the domestic and international level. On the one hand they support the business and interests of our clients at GSA territory (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) which also happens to be Europe’s biggest music market. They currently work for clients such as SZIGET, MCT (tours with the likes of Gorillaz, Katy Perry and Kraftwerk), Roskilde Festival, Secretly Canadian (releases with the likes of Whitney, Alex Cameron and Destroyer) and several music export offices (Music Finland, Music:LX, Music Austria, SoundCzech etc.) on a wide array of GSA-focussed projects. On the other hand they also work on supporting the interests of our clients outside of the GSA region (especially on neighbouring European markets such as Scandinavia, Benelux, UK and France). Factory 92 also works on international projects for clients such as c/o pop, the European Commission, FKP Scorpio and TUTL.


  • Jan Clausen (Factory 92)

Saturday November 9th 11:45 | Workshop Room

Where is my Mind

Mental Health in practice. With our two friends Lina Ugrinovska (Taksirat mentoring) and Katja Mierke (trainer, psychologist, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Cologne) we take the mental health topic to the next level. After an overview on what are the music industry symptoms, we start an interactive session to find practicalities and ways to cope with the stress and occasional uncertainty our beloved life path (rather than a job) lays ahead of us.


  • Lina Ugrinovska (Taksirat mentoring)
  • Katja Mierke (Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Cologne)
  • Holger Jan Schmidt (GO Group, Take a Stand)

Saturday November 9th 13:45 | Workshop Room

Always greener on the other side – It’s time to look at green touring and news

Green Your Touring – a low carbon toolkit for the music industry will feature a range of initiatives, top tips, inspiring stories, case studies, tools and methods, addressing all the steps and stakeholders with regards to touring for musicians and technicians. This toolkit will offer guidance to find creative ways to reduce this impact in various fields including but not limited to transports, the handling of waste linked to a nomadic lifestyle, the manufacturing and distribution of merchandising as well as using artistic practices or adopting a model conduct to stress the importance of acting up on a personal scale and encouraging collective engagement, going towards low carbon creative and business practices to ensure a sustainable future, in line with scientific guidance.


  • Holger Jan Schmidt (GO Group, Take a Stand)
  • Gwendolenn Sharp (Green Touring)

Saturday November 9th 15:00 | Cube

Access US

A&R Worldwide is a Los Angeles-based global artist discovery and development firm that played a key early part in the discovery, development and/or support of artist such as The Temper Trap, LMFAO, Sheppard, Gavin James, Frank Turner, Muse, Keane, Dido, Adele, Coldplay and many others.


  • Tyler Polzin (A&R Worldwide)

Friday November 8th 15:00 | Balcony

Speed meetings – 5-8 min meetings

Sign up needed | Application deadline: 5. 11. 2019

Shpat Begolli (Sunny Hill Festival –
Pink (Patchanka Booking –
Richard Potter (Mojo Hobo Agency –
Ben Osborne (The Social, London –
Lina Ugrinovska (Password Production –
Jana Recmanikova (Festival Republic –
Radek Motlík (Cafe V Lese, D Smack U –
Hortense Van Der Brande (RE-SHAPE Management, Tout Part Tout agency –
Ian Smith (Fizzion and Frusion Agency –
Simon Blaschko (Rock Cafe –

Suzanne Verschueren (Pohoda Festival –

Maciej Madejski ( Sideways Booking and promotions )