Conference panel discussions and workshops 2019

Keynote Interview

Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, ILMC) asks Dukagjin Lipa (Republika Communications)

Panel Discussions

Revolution Rock

30 years later: Debate on how did music helped to forge a change, and what are the current social responsibilities of actors of the music scene. Social responsibilities to counteract political populistic distortions, speaking up for: a green and sustainable future, gender balance, mental health.

Moderator: Holger Jan Schmidt (Take a Stand)


  • Aly Gilliani (Bandcamp)
  • Lucie Caswell (Featured Artists Coalition, Palestine Music Expo)
  • Serge Grimaux (Forum Karlín, promoter, investor)

My Kind of Town

Stakeholders of regional, and international cities speaking about programs that are helping their local music scene. Invited speakers : Music Cities network, Czech city officials, representatives of Berlin Club Commission.


  • Olaf Furniss (Wide Days Conference/ Music Tourism)
  • Jiří Suchánek (DEPO2015 Pilse, Executive director)
  • Jan Štern (Prague’s night mayor)

All the things you do

We are debuting a new panel in which we ask you, the delegates, to share your opinion on music export offices, digital scopes, social issues, and mirror those with known journalists, and music personalities.


  • Christopher Beanland (freelance journalist and writer)
  • Eugene Butcher (Vive Le Rock Magazine)
  • Ben Osborne (Noise of Arts, journalist)

Various Failures

A panel on failed music projects: We are inviting known stakeholders in music to speak about their failures and how to avoid those.


  • Phil Jones (Park The Van management)

Take the Power Back

This is not a panel to speak about gender quota rather it is an introduction of amazing female entrepreneurs whom for years have been empowering women in music.

Moderator: Marie Čtveráčková (Radio Wave, ZVUK Praha)


  • Neeta Ragoowansi (Women In Music, IMMF – US)
  • Malle Kaas (Women in Live Music)
  • Hortense Van Der Brande (Toutpartout Agency, RE – shape management)

Synch and Shout – Music supervision

Music in games, TV, ads, and the world of radio plugin … what are the effective steps to take in order to get more out of our music to the intl. circulation.


  • Fabian Hansen (WARM)
  • Paul Elsasser (Lime Music)
  • Steven Farris
  • Henriette Heimdal (CD Baby)

Where is my Mind

Mental Health in practice. With our two friends Lina Ugrinovska (Taksirat mentoring) and Katja Mierke (trainer, psychologist, Bonn University) we take the mental health topic to a next level. After an overview on what are the symptoms of the music industry, we start an interactive session to find practicalities and ways to cope with the stress and occasional uncertainty our beloved life path (rather than a job) brings ahead of us.


Our traditional listening session with a small twist. This time we asked colleagues from radios, synch, PR, and labels to give their honest opinion on whether the actual song could be made from their point of view.


  • Sat Bisla (A&R Worldwide)
  • Richard England (Cadiz Music)
  • Eugene Butcher (Vive Le Rock Magazine)
  • Jan Clausen (Factory 92)
  • Tony Duckworth (PIAS Central – Eastern Europe)

JUMP Music accelerator: Introduction to a new European project that aims to jump start new music related initiations, from Digital solutions to Green Touring. A 2 hours session that starts with the introduction of the exciting projects and continued by a networking session.

Where live events are heading – EXIT/FUSION/Brutal Assault/Let It Roll


Bandcamp workshop with Aly Gilliani

Bandcamp is an online record store where millions of fans discover new music and directly support the artists who make it. Artists have earned over $275 million selling music and merch on the site to date, a total that is increasing by around $7 million a month, making it a vital tool for independent artists and labels. Bandcamp’s UK label representative and independent label boss, Aly Gillani, will talk about how artists and labels use Bandcamp, their strategies to bring in the most income, and how to stand out on the site.

Lector: Aly Gilliani

Lyricism workshop

After the success of our last workshop we aim for a longer workshop to help non-native speakers writing their lyrics in English.

Lectors: Christina Grimm, Alasdair Bouch

International PR

Different approaches and helpful solutions for bands, and festivals, to develop their PR activities abroad

Lector: Jan Clausen (Factory 92)

Access music supervision

A Hands on workshop on how to get a synch deal, how to get visibility in front of music supervisors, and A and R’s. How to prepare a track, and what are the ppl. whom picking up a song will focus the most.

Lectors: Magda Cholyst (Artists in Bloom), Tony Duckworth (PIAS CEE)

Tactics for strategy buildings for bands

Mentoring session with Tyler Polzin (A&R Worldwide)

Speedmeeting sessions

and many more …