Cashless System Nouvelle Prague 2019

HOW and WHERE to pay at Nouvelle Prague?

DOX + — cashless wristband (everywhere), payment card (bistro, main bars), cash (bistro)

CROSS — cashless wristband and payment card (restaurant), cash (other bars)

Where and how do I top up the wristband?

2 Top up points only DOX +

  • on the ground floor by registrations – payment card, cash
  • 1st floor – SIMPLY X – payment card

We accept all kinds of international payment cards VISA, Mastercard, Maestro.

Where to solve a problem with a faulty chip?

  • SIMPLY X on the 1st floor of DOX+

How can I get money back from the chip wristband?

Only at the Top up point for registrations in DOX +, only in CASH in CZK (we are unable to return money to payment card!)

  • From Friday 8/11 8:30 am to Sunday 10/11 01:30 am

Top up point Accreditation is open

  • FRI 8:30 am to SAT 01:00 am
  • SAT 9.30 am to SUN 01:30 am

BONUS: Delegates have 1 FREE beer on their wristband.