Country: Austria
Genre: rock
Label: Bohemia Vienna

Cari Cari´s Nothing´s Older Than Yesterday is a product of three years full of searching for the exciting, the unseen and the unheard. Living in London, Hamburg and Melbourne since the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP Amerippindunkler the two-piece stole little bits and pieces from each city: East London´s boldness, Melbourne´s DIY attitude and the fascinating weirdness of Tokyo. Cari Cari distilled all these features into their trademark sound – articulating it for the first time on their newest cut Nothing s Older Than Yesterday .

Stompin´ like a Locomotive, but as fragile as a flower.

In 2014 Cari Cari released their debut to worldwide critica l acclaim. Their first single „White
Line Fever“ was featured on blogs worldwide and featured in US TV series, including the award-winning „Shameless“ and a tour that led the duo as far as to the Australian East Coast. Now they are back with „Nothing´s Older Than Yesterday“


Stephanie Louise Widmer
Alexander Köck