Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika (CZ)

Lenka DusilováThe journey of the singer and composer Lenka Dusilové to today’s music with Baromantika band was unusual and unique. At the turn of the millennium, Lenka was a strong figure within the Czech pop-rock mainstream. Nevertheless, in years of personal maturation she decided to leave from mainstream music entertainment to a more personal and layered style. The result is surprising: favour of the majority audience has not lost, and, at the same time, she became an icon of brave, innovative pop. Stylish openness and player’s erudition is framed by Lenka´s unmistakable vocal performance. Lenka Dusilová has won six annual Anděl awards (Czech equivalent of Grammy). On the stage she has been active for sixteen years, attracting attention from her energy, experience, and excellent vocal. As a guest of the band Lucie she supported Rolling Stones (1995) in the giant Strahov stadium in Prague. She entered her mature period with the album Mezi světy [Between the worlds] (2005) recorded in San Francisco, which was released also in the US version. Songs began to be more dynamic, had drawn from many styles, making good use of Lenka´s tension between extroversion and introversion. Dusilová left security of the Czech scene and set out for a long overseas tour from Alaska to California. Her searching for new collaborators, who would share her vision of stylish open songs, resulted in the album Eternal Seekers (2008). She recorded it together with a clarinet quartet Clarinet Factory with post-minimalistic, in places Reich sound. Above all, however, in Eternal Seekers Dusilová met with the composer and pianist Beata Hlavenková. Their collaboration has been lasting lasts to this day. Beata Hlavenková graduated from the University of Massachusetts in fields of composition, jazz composition, and arranging. After jazz projects ( S’aight & Vertigo Quintet: victory in the international competition Montreaux Jazz Festival, 2005) she joined Lenka Dusilová. Today their common synergy of female experience and artistic vision significantly forms music of Baromantika. Personal songwriting embraces electronics, tribal beats, experience of jazz musicians as well as elements of the current composition and dubstep. Baromantika as a super band of author personalities (Patrick Karpentski, Viliam Beres), today speaks its own musical language, which moves in warm and cold acoustic-electronic landscapes. Passion and impulsiveness of Dusilová, who often seems not to perceive the surrounding world when being deep in her song, is uniquely balanced by sophisticated, often collectively created music. Lenka Dusilová keeps her distinctive approach across artistic categories. In separate solo performances she experiments with a loop machine and extended large vocal techniques. With a dance theatre company Spitfire Company acts live in the performance One Step Before The Fall (2012, still in the repertory), awarded with the Herald Angel Award and other prestigious awards in several countries.


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