Beasts (UK)

BeastsThe number of the beast is three. Joe Mallory-Skinner, Jaco Norman and Tom Wood are a power trio in the best sense of the word, loud, uncompromising, gloomy, and a bit louder. Although Beasts come from London, the songs of the upcoming debut album root in the meanwhile classical American alternative rock and grunge. Loud and quiet go and run hand in hand, solemn lyrics form an attracting contrast with iron hard riffs.

If you want to fill a space in your record collection between the early Alice In Chains and the Foo Fighters today, you should not miss the untamed beasts. When the three turn the amps to “11”, even though the scale only goes to “10”, then no eye and no throat will stay dry. That was already proven on familiar festivals from Reading to Isle Of Wight.